Sunday, February 22, 2009

newwwww website!

Ive redesigned my website, please check it and if you can, give me some ideas :D!

awesome its in


  1. Very cool and easy to navigate. The only thing that is visually slightly out of place is the 'RETURN' text font. I personally think it should be the same font as the clickable links on your main page; the 'blog' '2d art' 'about me' etc. Just keeps all the buttons/links consistent throughout the site. That's just my opinion though, so do what you feel works best. Other than that very nice stuff.

  2. dude awesome, great idea, I hadn't thought of it, I agree, thanks dude!

  3. mu buenoooo agradable a la vista y rapido :d muy bueno me gusto saludosssssss