Sunday, September 20, 2009

sketching at french class pt.1

yep, this is what I do while learning french ;)
Ill post more this week, hope you like them! they sure were fun to draw,

anddddd it'd be nice if u leave a comment ^^ thanks!

have fun!



  1. estan buenisimos los sketches muy divertidos especialmente las mujeres esas jajaja :D y como estan las clases de frances? esper oq todo bien saludoss

  2. Nice work! Some really cool poses and nice designs :).

  3. Hey! You have to learn French at french classes !! :p
    but it 's nice! My favorite is the first!
    Keep up the good work! ^o^

  4. No wonder your french doesn't really get better... -_-; And what's the last sketch with the big breasted bitch, hu??? rhalala... Ok, ok, i really like the others... but that's not my point! :D