Thursday, April 7, 2011

Chule Wants A Cookie!!!

While awaiting validation in the appstore, i just thought I'd share with you what i've been working on, as my personal project for the past 3 months

"Chule Wants a Cookie" is a fun, challenging, puzzle solving game where you help Chule, the Shepherd dog, collect animals and take them to the farm. If he gets them all in the least amount of time, he gets a cookie! (yay!)

Every 3 months I'll release a new world with 20 new puzzles containing new creatures and scenarios ^^

Currently It's available in English, Spanish, French, Italian, more coming soon! a cool thing is, you can play using just one hand

My intention with the game is to make your day a little better, drop me a hi to my email if it did :)

thanks! :D

here are some images of my upcoming game, and yes, i've directed, designed, animated, programed, sound designed and distributed it ^^ 

a little video for the gameplay (plays at low framerate)

ill post the Itunes link once its approved

again this is a loooot of hard work ^^ and it would be my honor if u get it and enjoy it!



  1. Felipe - you continue to amaze me with your never ending source of talent!

  2. wow this looks great! Good job!