Thursday, July 2, 2009

sketchy sketchy

Wow its been a while!
have been really busy settling in France and working in the animation department at Ankama! ^^ check out the Wakfu series, its amazing!
everyonce in a while I sit down and doodle, both using my cintiq and my ever faithful Moleskin sketchpad ^^
this are all personal sketches done fairly quickly ^^ Ihope you like 'em


  1. q bien jajaapareciste jaja igual me imagino q tienesb astante trabajo :D es comprensible..muy bueno como siempre tus trabajos..saludos nos leemos por ahi

  2. Well done, glad your enjoying France and the new job! Make sure you keep making time to sketch and blog :)

  3. i'm in love with the batman sketch! wow, they're all awsome! keep sharing your sketches!

  4. Wicked stuff!!! Good to hear life in France is going well. I can see the anime/ankama look in your sketches and I like it :).

  5. I wish I was still in France but I'm not. Started the DCA course at VFS this week. If I had more time in Europe Michiel and I were gonna try to meet up with you Ankama guys but our time was limited :(. Hopefully I will be able to come back there in the near future and then I will totally let you know so we can meet up.